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Vibrant Salad Fairy Portrait in Oil Painting

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Vibrant Salad Fairy Portrait in Oil Painting
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Prompt Description

An enchanting portrait of a salad fairy, brought to life through the intricate details of oil painting techniques. Her dress made of fruits and vegetables adds vibrant splashes of color to the green tones, while her long floating hair and joyful smile express the beauty of life.

Prompt Used

portrait of a gorgeous salad fairy, pictorial technique : oil painting, rubens, Fernando Ferreiro, Waterhouse, frazetta, brom, allan lee, Moebius, Enki Bilal, Ingres, full body, the salad fairy wears a dress made of intricate fruits and vegetables, small fruits and vegetables bring splaches of vibrant color, The salad fairy has long floating hair and smile that expresses the joy of life, tone of green with shades of colored fruit and vegetables, lot of details