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Vibrant Warrior: A Stained Manga Still of a Badass Female Hero in Tide Outfit

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Vibrant Warrior: A Stained Manga Still of a Badass Female Hero in Tide Outfit
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Prompt Description

Radiant and powerful, she embraces her inner strength, showcasing her full figure and defying expectations. In this ethereal glowwave realm, her badass pose and sharp eyes reveal the princess of longing within. Against the backdrop of a car workshop, this woman Mecha pilot shines brightly, her tide outfit complemented by the vibrant colors of the illuminated landscapes. With ultra-high definition and high contrast, the artwork by Kenki Fujioka captures the essence of her feminine allure, creating a stained yet clear bodyline that captivates. The wide-angle perspective and clear colors only enhance her attractiveness, making her a true female hero in every sense. #Inspiration #Strength #GlowwaveArt

Prompt Used

female hero, full figure, tetsuo in the form avante garde posing, stretching arms above head, badass pose, lying on the ground, woman Mecha pilot in tide outfit in a car workshop, tide suit, work tools on the ground, Kenki Fujioka art, colorful, in the style of glowwave, illuminated landscapes, ricoh r1, radiant colors, clear colors, vibrant color scheme, sharp eyes, clear bodyline, siluettes, wide angle, ultrahigh definition, high contrast, high quality manga still, stained, feminine, attractive, princess of longing, flirty, ethereal light,backdrop, vivid and vibrant