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Vintage Art Nouveau Sketch of Chat Noir

By @mjart  •  
Vintage Art Nouveau Sketch of Chat Noir
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Prompt Description

"Step back in time with the intricate details and vintage ambience of Art Nouveau's Rodolphe Salis "Chat Noir". The ultra light pastel tones and beautifully color graded filter create a true vintage feel, like a high quality artist sketch. The sharp focus and insane detail, combined with soft and volumetric lighting, make for an ultra structured and hyper-detailed image. It's like looking at a very old postcard with traces of use, but in stunning 8K HDR resolution. Truly a work of art."

Prompt Used

Art Nouveau Rodolphe Salis "Chat Noir"; ultra light colours, light pastel tones, true vintage ambience; like high quality vintage artist sketch; true vintage filter; very light pastel vintage colors on a antique used background, hyper detailed, beautifully color coded, insane detail, super detailed, ultra detailed, intricate detail, beautifully color graded, Sharp focus, super resolution, megapixels, Soft lighting, Beautiful lighting, Insanely detailed and intricate, Full color, Volumetric lighting, HDR, 8K HDR, High quality and resolution; like very old postcard with traces of use; ultra structured; hd;