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Vintage Elk Travel Poster with Cosmic Sky

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Vintage Elk Travel Poster with Cosmic Sky
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Prompt Description

Experience the beauty of nature with this stunning vintage travel poster featuring an elk basking in the glow of a breathtaking sunset. The intricate details and vibrant colors, combined with the cosmic canopy of stars and galaxies, make this poster a true work of art. A perfect addition to any minimalist decor, this piece captures the essence of the great outdoors in a stylized and Whistlerian manner.

Prompt Used

minimalist vintage travel poster featuring an elk on the ground in front of a sunset, crepuscular rays rim lighting, shimmering lighting, incredible detail, stylized, a canopy of glittering cosmic light and stars mad planets and comets and nebulae and galaxies appears high in the sky, in the style of sheppard fairey and dan mumford, vintage poster design, long contour line brushwork, vibrant colors in nature, adam elsheimer, hyper-detailed illustrations, smokey background, whistlerian