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Vintagepunk Samurai Storm Trooper - Hyperdetailed Artstation Masterpieces

By @mjart  •  
Vintagepunk Samurai Storm Trooper - Hyperdetailed Artstation Masterpieces
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Prompt Description

Blending vintagepunk and samurai styles, this Storm trooper artwork by James Jean is hyperdetailed and beautifully lit with blue and golden accents. Featuring over-the-shoulder and close-up shots, the 8k resolution showcases the clear and defined shapes, while vibrant colors and rococo art elements add a fractal touch. A stunning piece that pays homage to artists like Moebius, Cory Loftis, Craig Mullins, and Rutkowski.

Prompt Used

Storm trooper as a vintagepunk samurai, dark grey background, blue and golden details, artstation, hyperdetailed, 8k, beautiful lighting, artstation by James Jean, Moebius, cory loftis, craig mullins, rutkowski, Mucha, hyperdetailed, over the shoulder, close up, james jean, mucha, fractal, vibrant colors, rococo art , 8k resolution, clear shape, defined shape, full body