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Whimsical Cyborg Bird Painting - Steampunk Style

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Whimsical Cyborg Bird Painting - Steampunk Style
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Prompt Description

An ode to the beauty of birds, adorned in a steampunk hat and perched on a tree branch, captured in the whimsical cyborg style of Tatyana Adama Adama Adama. The cherry blossoms, steelpunk, Argus C3, silver and azure hues, and sgrafitto technique add to the sublime nature of this painting.

Prompt Used

painting of a bird in a steelsteampunk hat on a tree branch, the glorification of birds by tatyana adama adama adama, in the style of whimsical cyborgs, cherry blossoms, steelpunk, argus c3, silver and azure, sgrafitto, sublime