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White Witch Among Planets: Surrealist Manga Art

By @mjart  •  
White Witch Among Planets: Surrealist Manga Art
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Prompt Description

Embrace the magic of the universe with this stunning white witch illustration, featuring intricate details and surreal neo-pop iconography. The pensive stillness of the woman contrasts with the detailed skies and oversized objects, while the subtle use of shading and robotic motifs add a touch of futuristic flair. A true masterpiece of 2D game art, this illustration is sure to transport you to another world.

Prompt Used

woman in white witch costume, An illustration of a woman with space and planets, in the style of light black and gold, surrealist manga, large - scale portraits, detailed skies, pensive stillness, neo - pop iconography, detailed ink illustrations, in the style of 2d game art, robotic motifs, dark gray and light bronze, oversized objects, polished, subtle use of shading, skeletal