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Wildflower Art: Intricate Patterns & Photorealistic Details

By @mjart  •  
Wildflower Art: Intricate Patterns & Photorealistic Details
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Prompt Description

Nature's beauty captured in intricate detail - a stunning masterpiece of wildflowers by renowned artists Android Jones, Ernst Haeckel, and James Jean. A true winner of the Behance contest, this generative art piece boasts baroque influences, fractalism, and photorealistic qualities. The symmetrical pattern tile seamlessly captures the essence of these vibrant blooms, making it a perfect addition to any art collection.

Prompt Used

An ultra hd detailed painting of many different types of wild flowers cornflowers, peonies and poppies by android jones, earnst haeckel, james jean. behance contest winner, generative art, baroque, intricate patterns, fractalism, movie still, photorealistic, symmetrical pattern tile seamless pattern