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Yndall's Spectacular Light Effects on Baby Blue Peonies

By @mjart  •  
Yndall's Spectacular Light Effects on Baby Blue Peonies
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Prompt Description

Experience the surreal beauty of Yndall light effects illuminating baby blue peony flowers in stunning 8k detail, with vibrant colors and iridescent accents. This award-winning artwork by Anato Finnstark and Marc Simonetti showcases spectacular lighting and depth of field, bringing fantasy to life through ray tracing and bokeh effects.

Prompt Used

yndall light effects under the spectrum of beautiful light baby blue peony flowers!A sense of awe, surreal! super detailed, colorful, 8k, artstation trend, d & d, fantasy, ray tracing, depth of field, bokeh, iridescent accents, vibrant, award winning, anato finnstark and marc simonetti, spectacular lighting, octane rendering ,8k