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Zen Monk: Half-year-old Chinese Monk in Stunning Detail

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Zen Monk: Half-year-old Chinese Monk in Stunning Detail
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Prompt Description

In the serene embrace of Zen, a half-year-old Chinese monk exudes pure innocence, adorned in vibrant red robes and Buddhist beads. Their charming features, from their plump face to their sparkling eyes, radiate with joy and wisdom. Every intricate detail of their appearance, beautifully colored, captivates the soul, as if painted by the finest ProPhoto RGB palette. Whether illuminated by nature's gentle touch or the artistry of cinematic studio lighting, their essence shines, transcending time and space.

Prompt Used

The half-year-old Chinese monk smiles with closed lips, soft white skin, a plump face, big bright sparkling eyes, nice double eyelids, big thick ears, bushy eyebrows, and wears red robes and Buddhist beads and other Zen trappings,hyper-detailed,beautifully coloured,insane detail,intricate detail,beautifully coloured,ProPhoto RGB,VR,Half Moon Lighting,Backlighting,Natural Lighting,Incandescent,Mood Lighting,Cinematic Lighting,Studio Lighting,Soft Lighting,Volumtric,Contre-Jour